We intend to provide farmers and investors a safe and simple service for carrying out transactions and operations with AgroCash X, thus creating a network of trust between their operators.


Stability - commercial tool:

        It provides exchange stability and monetary unification for a specific sector, being an excellent commercial tool for the sectors responsible for the selling companies.



        They will be able to understand the mechanisms quite easily. It is also a simple algorithm, without complex situations or of any kind.


Low cost and efficient operation:

        Transactions via the decentralized blockchain network are much cheaper than conducting a traditional banking operation.


Transparency and security:

        Blockchain technology and 100% encrypted networks mean that each operation performed is fully reflected in the network and cannot be altered in any way


Capital backup - Economy mode:

        AgroCash X also seeks to be a safe and liquid way to save your money, saving you and keeping you out of all kinds of financial crises and devaluations of the local currency.



        With the use of this type of technology, the use of paper money is reduced, generating less indiscriminate cutting of trees and the use of toxic materials for the creation of the physical bills we know today.

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